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Invest and Earn with Your Favorite Celebrity

Invest in Celebrity-Backed Projects with Chatello and Start Earning Today

$350 Billion

Startup Market Size

$512 Billion

Sports Market Size


Celebrities Onboarded

$99 Billion

Movies Market Size

Are you ready to invest in startups, big movies, and sports team, starting at just $100?

Our platform opens the door to fractional NFT ownership in high-profile projects across entertainment, sports and innovation. By investing in fractional NFT, you gain a share of ongoing profits and continuous dividends, directly benefiting from the success of projects led by your favorite celebrities.

Chatello leverages blockchain technology to ensure secure, transparent transactions, utilizing our native BEP20 token for all platform activities. With the Chatello app, available on both Android and iOS, managing your investments is straightforward and accessible anywhere, anytime.

Join Chatello today to start building a diversified portfolio with direct stakes in exclusive, celebrity endorsed ventures, that offer more than just financial returns- they connect you to the industries you are passionate about.

How it works?

What is fractional ownership(also called Fractional NFT)?
In Chatello, fractional NFT ownership of a project works by dividing the ownership of the project into digital shares represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each NFT fraction represents a percentage of ownership in the project.
Profit from the projects is tracked and distributed on the blockchain. Smart contracts are used to automate the distribution process based on the percentage of ownership represented by each NFT fraction. Additionally, the transparency of the blockchain provide investors with a clear record of ownership and profit distribution, enhancing trust and accountability in the process.



Signup in less than a minute


Buy Fractional NFTs with your debit/credit card or crypto


Sit back and track your income and investment transparently on blockchain.


Hold, exit or resell your stake (fractional NFTs) in a way that suits your financial goals.
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So, how will you make money?

Chatello is built to empower everyone to own and build wealth through startups, movies and sports.

Revenue Generated Through

Ticket Sales, Advertisements, Brand Sponsorships, Streaming & Broadcast rights.

Long term capital appreciation

Startups increase its users, revenue and public market.


Ticket Sold


Gross Yield




Capita Appreciation


Box office


Total RoI

Investing Made Easy

70% of the worlds millionaires made their fortunes through startups, movies and sports, but it’s highly inaccessible, illiquid, and complicated – that’s where we come in!

Invest in startups, movies and sports from only $100

With fractionalized ownership, there is no mortgage or large down payments required while your ownership is secured transparently on blockchain is trackable

Digital and Diversified Investments

Buy Fractional NFT from and get access to diverse range of portfolio consisting of sports, movies and startup investments to get maximum RoI mitigating the risk.

Hassle-free Ownership

Chatello will provide comprehensive support to asset management, deal negotiations, and promotional activities, ensuring each project's success and investors get fair profit dividends and capital appreciation.

Trusted entity with real investment professionals

With fractionalized NFTs, ownership is secured on distributed ledger which is immutable, transparent and publicly trackable.

Don't just take our word for it,
see what our investors have to say

A secure and easy platform to save your money by investing

March 7th, 2024: I am really happy to know about Chatello. You can invest in vibrant startups, movies, sports and much more before they hit public market. It is a great way to earn a second income. The customer service was excellent, and they were ready to answer any question quickly. I was searching a lot for way to earn money aside, and  Chatello was a dream come true. Thank you for opportunity and looking forward to more investments.

Derek Sacher

Crowdfunding made Transparent


Invested $150M+

438 Investors

Yearly startup growth: 400-1000%



Invested $560M+

350 Investors

Yearly startup growth: 300-700%



Invested $220M+

558 Investors

Yearly startup growth: 500-1100%


Token and Tokenomics

Chatello is a BEP20 token audited by Corum8 with a circulating supply of 1B.

Token Utility

  • Project owners pay in Chatello tokens to start their crowdfunding project
  • Investors get 20% of their investment amount in Chatello tokens as bonus at the time of investment.
  • Project owners will re-buy Chatello tokens from the market from a part of their revenue


Get rewarded as you refer or invest

$40 for each qualified referral

Upto 2% cashback equivalent on each investment

Extra rewards to top affiliates


What is Chatello?

Chatello is a platform that allows individuals to invest in projects involving celebrities, sports teams, and entertainment ventures through the purchase of fractional NFTs. This enables you to own a piece of the project and potentially earn dividends from its success.

How do fractional NFTs work?

Fractional NFTs represent a share of ownership in a specific project. By purchasing these NFTs, you gain a stake in the project’s financial outcomes, such as revenue from a film or dividends from a sports team’s earnings.

Who can invest with Chatello?

Anyone from around the world can invest with Chatello, provided they have access to the internet and meet local regulatory requirements for investing in NFTs and digital assets.

What kind of returns can I expect from my investments?

Returns can vary based on the project’s success. They may include dividends from profits generated by the project, capital appreciation of the NFT as the project gains value, and potential earnings from selling the NFT in a secondary market.

How does Chatello ensure the security of my investment?

Chatello utilizes blockchain technology to record and verify all transactions transparently and securely, ensuring that ownership and transactions are immutable and protected from fraud.

What are the fees associated with investing on Chatello?

Fees can include transaction fees for buying and selling NFTs.

Can I sell my fractional NFTs?

Yes, you can sell your fractional NFTs on the secondary market. Chatello provides a platform along with Opensea NFTs Marketplace where these NFTs can be traded, giving you the flexibility to exit your investment at any time. Chatello also provides liquidity and buyback at the time of profit distribution.

How do I start investing with Chatello?

To start investing, Click on Invest now” or download the Chatello app, create an account, browse available projects, and follow the instructions to purchase fractional NFTs directly through the app with your debit/credit card or cryptocurrencies.

How can I track the performance of my investments?

Chatello provides a dashboard (upcoming) within the app where you can view detailed reports and performance metrics of all your investments, allowing you to monitor progress and returns in real-time.

What is the business strategy plan to increase value of Chatello NFTs and CHA Tokens?

The value of Chatello’s NFTs (your fractional ownership) will increase based on the performance of startups, sports teams, and movie revenues. Our team of professional investment officers boasts over 20 years of experience in investment management. With Chatello, they assist in identifying projects and formulating investment strategies through detailed analysis, considering factors such as previous performance, celebrity endorsements, marketing, user acquisition, and sales plans. The Chatello token holds significant utility within the ecosystem and serves as one of the primary currencies for transactions, alongside fiat and stable cryptocurrencies. Projects supported by Chatello may opt to utilize CHA tokens for various purposes including ticket sales, promotions, gift cards, and more.