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What is Chatello?

Chatello stands as the nexus connecting Brands, Celebrities, and retail investors, functioning seamlessly on both Android and iOS platforms. This mobile application serves as a conduit, empowering celebrities and influencers to crowdfund their projects and provide retail investors a stake in their substantial endeavors through Fractional NFTs. Furthermore, it offers investors the opportunity to receive lifelong dividends from the profits generated by projects as long as they hold the NFT.

Operational within a coherent economic model, Chatello relies on the Chatello token. As a BEP20 token, Chatello acts as the conduit for launching projects, compensating influencers, and rewarding users, exclusively utilizing Chatello tokens.

Project life on Chatello platform


Why invest through Chatello?

Every project launched on Chatello undergoes thorough verification by the Chatello team, mitigating the risk of phishing or scam projects. The platform exclusively showcases projects initiated and supported by celebrities, influencers, and other prominent personalities, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment.

The Future of Chatello

Only verified celebrities and prominent personalities will ever be able to launch projects on Chatello

Chatello will expand the project portfolio from entertainment to other industries like automobile, fashion, FnB etc

INO investors will be able to attend global events with their Frational NFT holdings as entry passes

Chatello works with A-list celebrities, world class influencers and talents funding their projects using our exclusive platform.

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Token and Tokenomics

Chatello is a BEP20 token audited by Corum8 company with a circulating supply of 1B.

Token Utility

  • Project owners pay in Chatello tokens to start their crowdfunding project
  • Investors get 20% of their investment amount in Chatello tokens as bonus at the time of investment
  • Project owners will re-buy Chatello tokens from the market from a part of their revenue

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